Our mission

The mission of the Be A Blake Foundation is to educate all on the dangers of drug impaired driving and to support further training for law enforcement officials to better identify drug impaired driving, with a goal to save lives by making our roads, streets and highways safer.

Our vision

“To end impaired driving in all forms making our roadways,
streets and highways safer”

ending impaired driving

In Texas, there is one death every 8.5 hours from drunk driving and it’s the number one
cause of death on our roadways.
49.7% of fatally injured drivers also tested positive for drugs.
Texas has the 4th highest drunk/drugged driving death rate in the country.

“I can’t express how grateful I am to be a recipient. As I pursue a Masters of Communications, and run for East Texas Baptist’s Cross Country and Track and Field teams, I promise to carry those same values Blake stood for. Thank you for your generosity.”

-Noah Mink

2022 High School Scholarship Recipient

“This is such an honor and blessing to receive this scholarship through a foundation for someone I previously worked with and have always admired, Blake. I think of him often and remember the last time we spoke; he was and is a great inspiration for his enthusiasm and happiness he carried with him. You definitely raised him right and the world has been deprived of a great man. Thank you for awarding me this opportunity to

-Andrew Maloch

Certified Apartment Supplier Scholarship Recipient

What Does BeABlake mean?

BeABlake means to be a leader inside your home and outside in your community.  It means to be kind and treat others above yourself.  Make a difference in the world by using your God given talents.  Be the best friend, spouse and parent you can be.  Love with your whole heart and let those that are close to you know that at all times.  Love your God above all else.

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With your help, we can bring an end to impaired driving while caring for the victims of this 100% preventable crime.

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